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Makarim Annakheel Village in Jeddah… full of tourists and marine activities

Sep 24,2005

Annakheel Makarim Village, located at the Northern Abhor bay, is one of the most luxurious tourists' villages in the area, managed by Sharaco. It is receiving summer tourists from all over the Kingdom who find finely furnished villas consisting of 3 bed rooms, 2 halls and a room for the family maid. The village also has residential flats with one or two bed rooms plus rooms and hotel suites for weekly, monthly, and annual rent. There is plenty of green areas, sport facilities, games for children, health clubs, separate swimming pools, and beaches, as well as restaurants, laundries, and lodging for chauffeurs.

The village offer reasonable prices for the summer holidays during the week days and weekends. There are also free of charge games for children and competitive price for the weekly and monthly rent. All these services and offers were met with great enthusiasm by the visitors in addition to the privacy and calmness of the village.

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